How to make a Toy Rowing Boat

Here is an easy to make toy rowing boat. A very simple mechanical structure was shown to make the rowing boat. It really can float and run on water.

Step-by-Step Video Instruction:

Components/Part Necessary:
1>        1-inch thick Thermocol / Styrofoam
2>        00 sand paper
3>        Card board
4>        One 3V DC motor
5>        One small switch
6>        One pulley for the motor
7>        Rubber band
8>        One big plastic pulley, or you can make your own as shown in the video
9>        Iron wires,
10>      AAA battery holder.
11>     Two AA battery
12>     Tools like knife, pliers, soldering iron, aluminum sheet to make clamps and plastic sheet to make the row fins. 

Mechanical Dimensions:


Schematic: Motor and switch connection